Assign Draw keyboard shortcuts for Align and Distribution functions

In Draw, under Tools / Customize / Keyboard you can assign keyboard shortcuts. However, the menu Shape does not appear.

Therefore I cannot find a way to assign a keyboard shortcut for two very common functions for me, Shape / Align / Centered, and Shape / Align / Center.

I also cannot find a way to assign keyboard shortcuts for the Shape / Distribution function, for example for my common operation Shape / Distribution / Horizontal / Center.

Any pointers on how to assign a keyboard shortcut for menu items that do not show up in the Keyboard dialog, such as Shape / Align, and Shape / Distribution?

Select “All commands” category, and type “center” in “Functions” filter box. The “Center”/“Centered” functions are actually in “Format” category. Note that what you see in the Category is not menu items, but categories.

Thanks much. As a quibble, note that the Align in the Format category is a different align, for text I believe, whereas I want the Align from the Shape menu, that applies to shapes. Nevertheless the approach you describe worked to find the Align / Shapes functions. I selected “All Commands”, and then searched for “center”. The “centered” function was the one for vertical centering of shapes. There were three “center” functions, and the second one is for horizontal centering of shapes.

However, I could not make this solution work to find the Align / Distribution functions. Note to access this function from Shape / Distribution you must first have at least three shapes selected, then it will popup a dialogue. Any ideas? Perhaps they are simply not available as keyboard shortcuts?

Shape->Distribution is an assignable command (and you see it in the menu); the appearing dialog has options that are themselves not separate commands, but just selectors of the function’s parameters. They are not assignable (but you possibly could write macros for each combination of the parameters).

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