Assign specific words to shortcuts

I’m writing a script and instead of typing the character names each time, can I assign a specific name i.e. "John Smith: " to simply “ctrl j” for example.
Thanks in advance
Philip Ogley

I’m afraid, this can be achieved only by writing macros. But why not use AutoCorrect?

Is AutoText what you need?

Thanks. I didn’t realise that was an option. Great!

Autocorrect works fine Mike. Thanks

AutoCorrect works fine but AutoText is also a good solution, especially if standard text strings could be taken abusively for an AutoCorrect “shortcut”.

The activation key remains always the same (F3), only the string used as “shortcut” is different for each entry. See what happens when you type “dt” (without quotes) and hit F3.

Moreover, AutoText can include more complex content (like a table, a dedicated formatting).

Note that AutoCorrect also may include formatting and tables and so on. Just make sure that “Text only” checkbox not checked to have the selection formatting to be stored in the new AutoCorrect entry.