Assigning functions to shortcut keys

here the corresponding section has the heading “Assigning shortcut keys”. I suggest that the button in the “Keyboard” tab for assignment be labeled “Assign” as well. IMHO, the current “Modify” label is ambiguous and misleading. What do you think about this?

I don’t understand what caused difficulties - aren’t these words synonyms? (perhaps I don’t feel any nuance in these terms - English is not my native language)

English is not my native language too but both words make sense in the screenshot IMHO.

The Modify button requests a modification of the existing settings. The tooltip explains the end result where a key combination is assigned to an action.

However I don’t think the question is related to this dialog. It is tagged meta, not common, and the provided link points to the documentation. The chosen tag may probably be questioned. I understand the question as a request to clarify documentation. Author should elaborate more to make this point clearer both with a “better” primary tag (probably common as meta is intended for questions not directly related to the suite, like issues with the site) with specific secondary tags like documentation.

English is not my native language. @ajlittoz “I don’t think the question is related to this dialog.” My question IS related to this dialog. I have assigned the tag “common” to the starting post.
Do I understand it correctly, @JohnSUN, that the text “Assigns the key combination …” is shown as a tooltip on mouseover for “Modify”? In the German version LibreOffice NO tooltip is shown for “Modify”.
I agree that label “Modify” and the tooltip for it correctly describe the menu. But I think that "Modify" is unnecessarily too unspecific here. I initially incorrectly assumed that “Modify” ONLY refers to the top section “Shortcut keys” in the menu and has nothing to do with the “Functions” section. More understandable and not less correct compared to the current “Modify” label would be simply "Assign" to indicate that a hotkey is linked to a function.
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Ah, this! It is not difficult. Check this setting.

OK, I understood about the tooltip display setting. Thanks @JohnSUN. But regardless of that, I still think that in this context “Assign” label is a better choice compared to “Modify”.

So, your post is to suggest a change in the program, right?

I’m unsure right now if the label change is the same as the program change.

In the event of any ambiguity or lack of tooltips, the often overlooked Help button on the same dialogue takes you to a page with the same statement as the tooltip.

I don’t even know what to think. One wants something to change in the program … is this a program change? Should that be done by someone who knows how to change it? My curiosity is: what one can think it is, if not a program change…

In my perception, this change is comparable to an adjustment in the translation of menu texts. I don’t know the technical details of how such translations are changed in LibreOffice. But I suspect that no programmer is involved if only the label of a button is changed.

Setting? Menu Tools - Customize - Deep Customize - Addition - Change Label “Modify” to “Never press this button”? Sorry, but this hasn’t been implemented yet.
Let’s think about the existing inscription. If a keyboard shortcut is selected for which a command has not yet been assigned, then what should be the inscription on the button? “Assign”? Well, yes, it is logical - before there was nothing, now it will be. What if a command is already assigned to the keyboard shortcut and we select another command? Then, perhaps, “Modify” (or “Change”)? I think it makes sense, doesn’t it?

A change in a program is not necessarily what programmers do. If you wanted to change icons or a logo in HelpAbout, that would be a designer’s task, but still needed to be in the program.

Note that we also file documentation problems there. And help writers are also (mostly) non-programmers.

It really feels like users try hard to confuse themselves, making it more difficult for them to decide how to proceed :wink:

@mikekaganski I once also have to do professionally with the realization of graphical user interfaces (GUI). Therefore I know that it is an impossibility to implement a GUI with which all users are satisfied. It was only my experience report and a consideration, suggestion on my part, whether a need for action exists. If the majority sees no need for action, then it is OK for me :slightly_smiling_face:.

Oh, then (1) you need to realize, that the voice of those who are seasoned users is not representative when talking about “if this label name is OK”, because usually we are OK with what we are accustomed to; and you have a feedback here from some of most experienced users on this site :wink: and (2) you would be welcome to both file such a proposal anyway, and also to participate (if you want).

I see tdf#155214 - thanks!

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