Attempting to install latest version of Libreoffice and receiving message asking for path to a version I never had. What gives?

Libresoft Install message.png

The full question should be in the question body, not in the title (title only should have a short summary, like “Installer asks for absent older version”). See asking guidelines for better tips.

It means that you did have that version installed for whatever reason, even if the installation was broken. Now the installer of newer version tries to delete the older version it detected, but cannot find a cached install script, and so needs the original installer package.

You may either download the original package from download archive (you’ll need, which was the released version; possibly you might rename the MSI to match the package name that installer expects); or if that fails (which would imply that your Windows installation database is somehow corrupt), you may try the Microsoft tool for repairing MSI errors (see this troubleshooting guide from MS, too).