audio bookUsing overdrive to download, Writer takes over and downloads text instead

Just downloaded LibreOffice yesterday. I named my first file in Writer “ScrewYouMicrosoft”, but maybe that was jumping the gun.

This morning I tried to download an audio book from my local library, via the program they use, which is called Overdrive. Tried several times, and with several different books - but each time as soon as I clicked on the download command, Writer/LibreOffice jumped in and downloaded the print information on the book - and the audio was not forthcoming. I tried a download from Audible, and it still works fine.

I LIKE Writer - but I’m not willing to give up getting audio books from my library.

Thank you for any advice/help/support you can offer!

LuLu here. With not even a nibble of an answer, I decided to uninstall LibreOffice. Then the Overdrive Media wouldn’t work at all - Windows couldn’t find it - it had somehow “co-mingled” (how’s that for a technical term?) with LibreOffice, so I had to uninstall, then reinstall it. It works fine, now. I believe this may be what the experts would call a “bug?” Until this particular bug gets swatted, I’ll figure out a different word processing solution. Too bad.