Audio over several slides?

I can successfully run audio on a slide transition and can trigger audio on its own without a slide transition by using a duplicate slide. (First slide has no audio, duplicate has audio embedded or linked to and has no transition)

However, having triggered the audio is it possible to let it run across several slides ? Ideally if running the presentation through a sound system I would like the audio to not stop on the subsequent slide transitions so it could be faded out manually. At the moment I can’t find a way of the audio not stopping when the next slide is triggered, either manually or timed.

Have a look at this side.

Unless I am misunderstanding that answer relates more to getting audio to play. I don’t have a problem with that.

I am asking about allowing audio to continue playing after a subsequent slide change.

You have read and tested it?

I do generally read posts before I replying to them. Whether I necessarily understand the suggested solution is another matter. I have however now tried both methods of associating the audio with a slide, the audio appears to start once the transition to the slide it is associated with is complete or nears completion.

However as soon as the next slide is triggered it cuts dead. I would like it to run on over several slides, I don’t particularly mind if the slides run in a programmed timed sequence.

Maybe what I need to do is to program a sequence of slides and then associate the audio with the start of that? I will try that when I can.

I wish you success!