Auto-capitalization in one specific column only (Calc)

How can I set one column only to auto-capitalize? Couldn’ t find it in the formatting options or anywhere else. And will autocorrection then apply?

I want to auto-replace an old product code into a new product code, but at the same time keeping the old one visible. Autocorrection is case-sensitive, so for now I type everything twice: Once with a uppercase, once with a lower case, with autocorrection to the new code on the uppercase (which I set manually in Extra - Options for Autocorrection - Options - Replacement table). Ideally I would type the old code once in lower case, have it copied to another column, auto-capitalized en then with the autocorrection altered to the new code. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Or can it be added to the cell formatting menu?

PS In the Dutch LibreOffice4.2 I found =HOOFDLETTERS() and =KLEINE.LETTERS(), but using these either autocorrection doesn’ t apply, or in both cells the new product code appears…

Can help the option?:

Menu/Format/Change case.

This is outdated. Now it’s Menu/Format/Text/…