Auto copy data to Bill of materials

I have a stock sheet and a bill of materials sheet, I would like to type a stock item number into the bill of materials sheet and have it search the stock sheet for the matching number and then copy set cells in the row to specified cells in the BOM sheet.

So it goes;
Input stock number in BOM in cell A3.
Search Stock sheet column A for matching stock number.
Find matching stock number in row 17 for example.
Copy cells B17, C17 and E17 on stock sheet to cells B3, B4 & B5

Hope that makes sense!

The VLOOKUP function is exactly what you want.

Step 1 (optional): Create a range name for the Stock sheet data.

Step 2: Use VLOOKUP function formulas in BOM sheet cells B3, B4, and B5 to look in Stock sheet data for the first match of search criteria typed in BOM sheet cell A3.

BE SURE to set the last parameter in each of the VLOOKUP formulas to “FALSE” (without the quotes) or 0 (zero) to look for an exact criteria match without requiring an ascending sort of the data.

Brilliant, many thanks! Worked once I’d got my head round it.