Auto correct for command typing

Hi, I have an issue about dealing with entering the double dash ‘-’
It “corrects” my command of git command “git rev-parse --short”, that double dash became one dash -.

I want to fix this problem but searching this rule seems to be another headache
Three questions here

  1. How to turn off auto correct all settings ?
  2. How to fix the double dash problem?
  3. Are there any search feature for the rule that auto correct my words? In this case, double dash –
    Or this is another feature request?

Win10 x64 build18363
Libreoffice v7.0.2.2

As a momentary workaround, choose Undo (Ctrl+Z) after the autocorrection took place.

In Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Options untick Replace dashes. See Help on Options. Cheers, Al

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Thanks. You had better untick Automatic **bold, /italic/, -strikeout- and _underline_ also

Thanks, problem solved, that’d be the translation issue.
In our language, 破折號 is more commonly used in literature or in LibreWriter realm.
Or it is simplified too many words, should be something like 取代多個減號為破折號
(means “replace multiple minus symbols as 破折號”, I can’t find the proper translation of dash for chinese, so I picked the minus(減號), reasonable)

I didn’t find that option.