Auto-filters: when reset, why do the filters remember the critiera?

LibreOffice Calc version running on Linux Mint Xfce 18.3

When an auto-filter is set, it works fine. When a series of auto-filters are set, likewise.

But Data > More Filters > Reset Filters only seems to do half the job.

It restores the unfiltered view, which is part of the correct outcome, but the auto-filter controls remain flagged with criteria (they are blue). Opening the filter reveals that the filter has remembered the criteria.

So if another filter is applied - as if to create a fresh filter - then the third filter is limited by the union of the previous filters, as if the filter reset never happened.

Is this by design?

If it is by design, it’s not useful. The user has to manually go to each filter and manually unset them one-by-one. Defeats the objective of resetting the filers. Can we then have a feature request to make auto-filters and their resets work the same as Excel?

The workbooks on which this were tested were imported by Calc as XLSX and saved as ODS, closed and re-opened as ODS.

Works here, filter is reset and no blue “filtered” indicator on the AutoFilter button and criteria is not remembered.

Was the .xlsx imported with or without filters applied? Could you attach the original .xlsx document (cleaned of sensitive information and then stored with Excel)?

The original .xlsx did indeed have auto-filters set, which LibreOffice - on the face of it - correctly imported.

In a prior test, I saved the file from LibreOffice as ODS, and imported the ODS into Excel. Excel reported a few more named ranges, editing of which Excel prohibited.

I can’t attach the files just yet - they have moved on in their lives, so I need to create the next opportunity to create the same situation. And they need extensive wiping!