Auto number appendix for cross-referencing

I would like to auto number my appendices so I can use the cross-reference function to refer to them. In the same way you can for figures. I see that the is a paragrapgh style for Appendix, but I cannot figure out how to attach an auto numbering scheme.

I figured it out.

  • Edit Appendix page style.
  • Outline and Numbering tab; set outline level to test body and numbering style to Numbering ABC. Adjust other desired settings like your font style and size.
  • Edit numbering style; Number set to A, B, C …, Character style set to none, Seperator Before enter "Appendix ".

I did have to adjust the Indents in the paragraph style to get it centered on the page. I compared it to regular text below.

Oops! The one hangup I’m having is that the character style resets when the document is closed. It doesn’t seem to save.

Ok. Had to change the list style to user entry. Then you can highlight the test in the document and adjust size as normal.