Auto populate table/index with sorted entries in Writer

Hi all,
I am trying to take data (in the format presented bellow) and sort it into an index/table like one of the example ones bellow the data. The data is spread over multiple pages, are in multiple different bullet/number lists. Each enrty can be separated by pictures, other text, etc… But the format will always be the same. Every entry will be in the exact format with nothing separating the lines. There are too many entries to do this by hand, and more entries will be added later on.

I have tried using alphabetical indexes, but (from what I can tell) each entry has to be entered by hand and that would take too much time. Is there a way to automate this?

What is the best way to go about doing this?


    General entry: (will always be like this with nothing separating these lines)
    Arbitrary number(1) Name(something cool!)
    Sorting Key(5.12) Useless information(8m jo mama)
    More useless information(hard climb)

    Real entries:
    1 Early departure: 
    5.13, 8m (Jesse Johnson, Jan 2009). 
    At left end of cliff, climb face from left (the variation climbs from right).

    2 Catch a Wave: 
    5.10+, 10m (Jared Spaulding, Jan 2009). 
    Start at bushy arete, climb face right of arete 

    3 Tic Tac: 
    5.8, 12m (Nate Furman, Jan 2009). 
    Climb the undercut start and up the face above.

    4 Quiero galleta: 
    5.6, 12m (Nate Furman, Jan 2009). 
    Climb thin face below continue left of prominent groove.

    5 Learning curve: 
    5.11+, 12m (Nate Furman, Jan 2009). 
    The only bolted line on the face (5 bolts) delicate face climb.

    6 La aleta del tiburon: 
    5.8, 12m (Markus Cavallo, Jan 2009). 
    Climb thin face over a few bulges, stay left of chimney.

Desired output: (with page numbers included to the right of each name)

Quiero galleta       5.6
Tic Tac              5.8
La aleta del tiburon 5.8
Catch a Wave         5.10+
Learning curve       5.11+
Early departure      5.13

Or: (with page numbers included to the right of each name)

   Quiero galleta
    Tic Tac
    La aleta del tiburon
    Catch a Wave
    Learning curve
    Early departure

Thank you for all the help!