Auto Recovery at Start-up on W11

I have a file that LibreOffice (LO) shows in a list to be recovered, but then it does not recover it. W11 had an upgrade and LO got shutdown. Now I have auto save running so the file should be there.

And in using search, I found it on my file server where it should be (file server is a Debian variant).

So I go find it, and have W11 open it in LO and there it all is.

However, with each restart of LO, it brings up auto recovery and shows this file as being unrecoverable. It does not do that with/to other files that are on my File Server.

It does find .odt and/or .docx. Just not this file.

And it is not in a loop restarting and auto-recovery, etc.

What I am interested in, is what diagnostics do I need to run to help find this. I’ve never had this problem in the last several years running SuSE Leap xx and LO. But I’ve had to move over to W11 because certain software I have to use crashes KDE somehow and I had to reboot to get “display management” back. Specifically the Linux version of M/S Teams. So I’m stuck with having to use W11 for certain work related tasks. This is how I got into this particular file being findable by search in W11 File manager, but LO can’t seem to find it.

If you need more info/data, let me know.

The message only says “I found some recovery information, shall I try to recover?” If you select Cancel the auto-recovery info is skipped, and on the next start should not re-appear.
Auo-recovery info is not stored in your saved file. So, if you replace the file with a backup this will not erase existing info on auto-recovery from last crash. Only when you cancel/deny recovery this will be erased.

Thank you for your response.

Sorry, but I have some concerns.

As I understand the design, there is a lock for a file that is created by taking the file name, prefixing it with a special character (e.g., ~ ) and then creating a file by that name in the same directory as the file to be edited. Then there is a work file…

So if the system has the file that auto recovery is based on, and it can’t find the “true” file, it would seem that something has gone wrong. And knowing what the name of the auto-recovery file (and where it is located), I might be able to look into it, and it might tell me what that problem is (hopefully not in the registry – I’m not a fan, and I don’t know details of Windows since I went off to Linux about 2004).

From that I might be able to deduce how I got into this problem (as well as answer others posting similar problems).

good luck with your research - I thought you already knew/assumed the cause of this problem:

Here is a senario: Windows shuts down, and loses its connection on the LAN to the File Server. Now Windows starts up and then LO is started without having Window’s file manager be told to search for network connections. Does this cause LO to lose it’s position info for the file server and as such now can’t auto recover files open on the file server?

I ask this because a search found the file LO says it can’t find.