auto shutdown of LO base at specified time or period of inactivity

LO, HSQLDB, MacOS Catalina 10.15.13


I appreciate LO can be crashy and buggy at times however it suits my needs at this time.

I would like to be able to carry out backups of a LO Base file at a certain time during the night or even better after a period of inactivity AND during the night. The information held within the DB is very useful but NOT critical.

I’m presuming that the .odb has to be closed for this to take place successfully so I am wondering if the best way would be to get the Mac OS (Automator?) to call a macro within the .odb to close all forms, reports and the application etc if it is open then have the Mac OS Automator create a copy of the .odb file (the .odb may or may not be relaunched after the copy)

I have seen threads that mention Command line macro’s and although Comp literate they are a bit beyond me and generally discussed between more knowledgable people than I so something explained in more layman’s terms would be extremely useful.

Thank you in advance