Auto Sum doesn't work...?

I have a simple Sum formula (=SUM(E5:E16)) in a spreadsheet but when I’m adding or removing numbers in that given range the Sum number stays the same.
Anyone can tell me why?

On a side note, this is my second week of lightly using Calc and I can’t say I’m impressed so far…


Probably AutoCalculate is off. From menu Data->Tools->Calculate click on AutoCalculate (will then have checkmark). F9 will also re-calc sheet.

Also check that the cells in the range aren’t formatted as text

Ok, the fact that you have to “Turn on” the Calculation function on a software that’s made for calculations is just sad and ridicules! It’s like you told me to “Turn on” the Calculation function on my calculator…

That said, the AutoCalculate was on (check marked) when I went to check, so something else is not working there…
Cell are formatted for numbers.

Ok, the fact that you make jokes without understanding is sad and ridicules. There is a function (disabled by default) to turn calculations off, that is targeted to those who create heavy interlinked spreadsheets that may trigger recalculations on every change, so one could want to turn it off and fill some big amount of data, then turn it on. So those who know about that feature might suspect that one possible cause of your problem is wrong setting of the feature… on which you make laughs

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