Auto update webservice api links

Hi there,
There is an option to define that external WEBSERVICE() API links are automatically updated upon opening CALC.

However, I cannot find any information identifying whether these links are also updated whenever the sheet automatically recalcs for new entries or when a manual recalc is forced with F9.

As a comparison, Google Sheets permits the setting of an “update frequency” parameter with their API calls. It may be that these are only available when calling Google proprietary APIs - I never checked as that wasn’t a significant aspect of my investigation.

Advice and further insights from anybody out there with more experience would be appreciated.

My sheet is only checking a single FOREX pair. Updating each time the sheet loads is perfectly adequate as the rate change is only likely to be frighteningly significant on a bad day in say 2008.

I perform some fairly well-defined tasks and exit/save the sheet rather than leaving it open in the background. Clearly, it updates as soon as I recommence processing.

Thanks in anticipation

The linked data is newly obtained and refreshed when you go to Edit → Links to External Files… and hit Update.

If you want repeating refresh then instead of WEBSERVICE() use Sheet → Link to External Data… and choose an update interval.

Thanks for the info. A couple of new toys to play with:).