autocalculate error in Calc

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I use LibreOffice 64 bit on Windows 10.
I’ve noticed this error modifying a sheet originally created about half a year ago. But it’s possible to generate it in the following way:
In newly created sheet I set three cells:
A1 - contains some number I type into it,
A2 = A1^2,
A3 = A2.
When the content of A1 is changed the value displayed in A2 changes accordingly.
But the value in A3 remains unchanged.
When I press F9 the A3 value changes correctly. Moreover, if instead of pressing F9 I change formatting of any cell in the sheet (e.g. changing its alignment, setting it to bold, italic, or changing its background color) the A3 also correctly changes its value.
The Auto Calculate is set to “on” (well, the A2 autocalculates correctly).
I don’t remember changing anything in options, but just to be on safe side I’ve pressed “reset” on every options page concerning Calc.
Is it my error (if so please someone tell me how to avoid it), or I’ve just found a bug?
Andrzej Brozi

I’ve just installed and the error is gone.
I still don’t know if it was a bug, or my installing newer version just removed some setting I erroneously made.
Andrzej Brozi

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