Autocalculate not performing in expected manner

Like other users, I am also bugged by the fact Autocalculate still doesn’t work.
Suggest you either remove the menu tick, so users don’t mistakenly think it is working, or better still, please fix it.
This is a spreadsheet, with complicated formulae, and recalculating really is a fairly fundamental requirement. It is one of the reasons I regularly contribute money to LibreOffice.

Suggest you

Who is you? We are users of LibreOffice like you. Hence you could address this to yourself as well with same chance of success. If you want to address a bug you need to inform developers via their bug reporting system at Bugzilla


this bug is fixed - but nobody can tell, whether the fix is included in your version, simply for the fact you did not mention your version. See bug report tdf#137248 Calc - AutoCalculate malfunction, always F9 (ReCalculate) necessary set to VERIFIED FIXED.

If it still doesn’t work for you, though having a version greater or equal to 7.0.3 then you should make an annotation to the bug report.

I did not realise this was NOT a bug reporting site. Thank you, Opaque, for the adolescent snarky comments, it will help ensure other users feel less inclined to assist in the improvment program.
And it was NOT fixed in verstion LibreOffice 7 0 2 2 so the report to Bugzilla will now be made.
Have a nice day.

Is “7 0 2 2” newer than 7.0.3 mentioned above in the answer? I suppose that 7.0.2 is older than 7.0.3 (where the bug was fixed), which means that it’s expected that you see the bug, and instead of filing a new bug, it’s advisable to upgrade and test :slight_smile:

Ref: tdf#139920