autocorrect and affix file

Hi all. I noted something strange. If in my affix file I have LANG vec (language Venetan ISO639-3 vec) everything works fine, the spellchecker works. On the other end if I install a file acorr_vec.dat the auto-correction did not work. It works if I rename it to acorr_vec-IT.dat. Conversely if I put LANG vec-IT in the affix file this still works. So the problem is that acorr_vec.dat is not recognized. Why is it so?

Most probably because Hunspell and LibreOffice follow different approaches. By the way, I don’t use any LANG attribute in my affix files, why bother? I suspect, this attribute is just ignored because what really matters is a declaration in the extension XCU file (and that one must specify a locale code, not just a language code).

Just curious: are Venetan and Friulian different languages or different dialects of one language?

I think you were right. The LANG attribute in the affix file is there solely for certain languages that needs special processing, like hungarian and a few others. I put mine for completeness.

Well, to answer your question I have firstly to assess one thing: Venetan (and Friulan) are NOT dialects of Italian, in the sense that they do not derive from Italian, but had a separate evolution. Sometime in the past the Fiorentine dialect (or language) was chosen instead of Venetan (or anything else in fact) to be the base for Italian. From then on the Italian proceed on its own, so Italian is a (true) dialect of Fiorentine. Said this, when the Fiorentine developed from the interference of the Latin with the language spoken by the local population of Tuscany, the Tuscan has born (with all its different variants), the same thing happened with Venetan and Friulan with the interference of Latin with the language of the population of that areas. Venetan and Friulan have little in common.

To day we have influence from Italian (for the most part after WWI), so we are kind of losing our language.