AutoCorrect has stopped working.

Yesterday, AutoCorrect in Writer stopped working on both my laptops. I’m using EndeavourOS with Cinnamon desktop on both. Everything in AutoCorrect Options is exactly as it should be, but nothing is working. The practical problem for me is that I can no longer do em dashes and en dashes, which is driving me up the wall.

I’m surprised not to see anything on here or elsewhere online as, because it happened on two laptops at the more or less the same time, I’d assumed it was a LibreOffice problem probably imported with my daily updates.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Learn to use compose sequences. This is out of the scope of LibreOffice and, respectively, this site. On the other hand, it is a universal solution for all apps.

Read this, for example.

EndeavourOS with Cinnamon … I’m surprised not to see

Depending on your LibreOffice repository (Arch?) packages being used, this may be a problem of your distribution only (not a general LibreOffice problem).

You’re probably right, Opaque, I’ve just discovered my compose key is acting strangely, too. On both laptops …

Arch Linux XFCE LO fresh - same issue. Downgraded to LO still with new user profile, problem persists, also persists when running LO in safe more, both versions. Not sure if recent LO update from Arch broke something, or another Arch update broke something that then in turn caused dysfunction in LO. You are not alone, someone else has noticed…

Yep, I tried Manjaro Cinnamon and had the same fault, so it’s definitely an ArchLinux problem. I shall make enquiries over there.

This is definitely a bug, but it must be in the Arch linux kernel, which was updated on my machine on 13 February (as opposed to LO, which was last updated on 3 February). Saying ‘learn to use compose sequences’ is not an answer, because autocorrect also serves other purposes.

Forgot all about this thread. It was a bug in an ArchLinux update, corrected in a subsequent update.