Autocorrect malfunctioning

I’ve changed the language for a single document to German. Even though, the Polish autocorrect rules are being used, changing “sie” into “się”. Why?

Using LO with Linux Mint 17. System and UI language - English.

The language for ‘AutoCorrect’ isn’t automatically changed with the document language. Go to > ‘Tools’ > ‘AutoCorrect Options’ and choose ‘German’.

I did it, and I still get “sie” replaced with “się”
edit: it works after reopening LO

Well, I opened LO once again and even though in AutoCorrect options German is selected, “sie” is being replaced with “się”. Why?

This is beyond my own experience. If the one wrong replacement you complain about is actually an exception you may try to define a new replacement of “sie” with “sie”. In another unclear situation a similar advice created a workaround. Hope updating to a more recent version like the current 4.3.5 might abolish the problem. You should possibly also consider to create a new user profile as described here.

Interestingly, changing the Locale setting in Language options to German seems to be the cure. It’s not the way LO should act, but we have the workaround, at least.

I think it’s possible that wrongly applying the locale setting for AutoCorrect might be cured resetting the user profile. If I (V set my ‘Replacement langague’ tu English (UK), e.g. keeping my German locale I don’t any longer get the German replacements. When updating to a new version I mostly create a new user profile and retrieve my macros and my templates subsequently. I also change some default settings revising my habits.