Autocorrect recently stopped correcting anything with apostrophes in it. Is there a way to fix that?

I am running LibreOffice version on Mac with El Capitan. Specifics of the problem:

  1. i’m used to correct to I’m, but no longer does
  2. The first word of a sentence that has an apostrophe in it no longer auto-capitalizes. For example: “I see what you mean. let’s go.” Let’s should be capitalized, but because there’s an apostrophe, it doesn’t capitalize it automatically. LibreOffice used to auto-capitalize this and stopped.

Also, is there any chance you will program LibreOffice to trigger autocorrect with apostrophes? (Meaning as soon as you typed i’ the i would change to capital I.) That would be sooo nice!

Thank you for your help.

I can confirm this on The apostrophe should trigger autocorrect, ISTM. As it is, possessives have to be added separately, doubling the work.

Confirmed on, Windows 10, when the apostrophe has to be autocorrected to a curly apostrophe. When it isn’t, the first letter of a sentence still autocapitalises, but “i’ll” in the middle of a sentence doesn’t.

See - please sign up there and post to confirm, that may help fixing it.