Autocorrect replacement table does not remember nor replace with the corrections.

Autocorrect replacement table does not replace with the corrections I am asking for. I am asking that autocorrect replace tablespoon, and tablespoons with an abbreviation TBS. But no matter how I add it to the replacement table, it refuses to do it, and the next time I open autocorrect, the word tablespoons and its abbreviated correction are no longer listed.
I looked at Libre office directions for using this function and tried following it to the letter, but still it does not work. What could I be doing wrong?

Do you want to replace “tablespoon” in an already typed document or do you want the replacement while you are typing? In the latter case, typing a long word to replace it with a 3-letter abbreviation seems to me the wrong way to proceed (the opposite is much better).

Answer either editing your question or entering a comment.

Both. Yes that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am formatting recipes and trying to make each of them fit on a single sheet of paper. In order to do that, I need them to use the abbreviations.

When I see an interesting recipe on the web I copy and paste it into Libre office. The HTML page is usually a mess so I need to spend a lot of time to get it formatted as a printable document. I don’t like their versions of printable recipe so I don’t use it. (I have vision issues and I must have it organized in a very specific way so I can clearly see the steps and ingredients.)

I had been using Open Office and had no problems with it handling that job. But I can’t seem to get LibreOffice to do it. with Open office I was able to put my cursor at the end of the words (like Tablespoon), and when I hit the spacebar, it would replace it with TBS.

So, if I am typing, I would like it to autocorrect the word with the abbreviation. Or, at the very least replace them during spellcheck.

Are you going to make a constructive suggestion on how to actually get the job done? Or is the only reason you responded was to tell me “I shouldn’t be trying to do that”? Because…why? I need a result, not unwanted criticism. In 20 hours, that was your only suggestion? That what I want to do is stupid? How is it your concern to judge why I would like it done?

Does any one know why a custom entry will not save permanently to the replacement table? It appears to save, but when I reopen the table it is gone.

Does anyone know where the replacement table is stored, so I can go in and directly insert an entry?

The paths of most important files are located at Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Paths. At least, that is what I have always thought. I am also having weird problems with autocorrect. One of the first things I noticed is that the Modified value of the acor_en-UD.dat file is almost a year old (Jul 2019). It would appear that manual changes to the Word Completion list (such as deleting an entry) are not being saved. However, that doesn’t explain why my Replace list is completely empty.

Yes! This is driving me towards insanity. One adds a word and then opens the Auto-correct and the whole list is gone. A year(s) of replacing words gone. Oh, dear.

This also happens to me after upgrading to version 6.3.3
The autocorrect replacement texts don’t get saved anymore. I add a “new” entry, press “ok” and the dialog closes. But when I open it again, nothing is saved, and the text doesn’t get corrected.

Older entries, created with version 5.4.3, still work perfectly, though