Autocorrect suddenly stopped working

When I type into Libre Office Writer the Auto Correct does not work. So, if I forget to begin a sentence with a capital letter, Writer does not do that for me. If I type the word ‘i’, Writer leaves it like that, rather than changing it to ‘I’.

If I look at ‘Tools’ I see that Auto Correct is checked - and if I look at the Auto Correct Options, everything is as I would expect.

I imagine that sometime recently I may have fat-fingered Ctrl-something instead of Shift-something - but there are rather a lot of possibilities to try to see if I can back out that way.

Check the language of the text. Autocorrect options are (mostly) language-specific.

The Document and Auto Correct Options are BOTH set to English (UK)

My Libre Office was updated to on 30th January - and I believe that Auto Correct still worked OK after that.

I see that this is a known regression.
I shall wait, expectantly, for a resolution.

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Or is your (unknown, see Ask/Getting started) operating system Arch Linux, in which case tdf#140445

In case it makes a difference, I am using Libre Office running on Fedora 32 (Cinnamon).

I had marked it as ‘Answered’ because I didn’t expect anyone to be able to come up with some usable workaround or cure, now that I know this is a (I hope) temporary ‘feature’.

The only workarounds I am aware of are a) type everything correctly in the first place OR b) press Newline after every word. I would rather that Auto Correct work according to the spec.

Libre Office has just updated on my PC to version and I see that Auto Correct now appears to work.

I did one test. I typed ‘21st’ and when I pressed the space-bar the ‘st’ went to ‘superscript’ like it used to. From that, I assume that all of Auto Correct is now working.

Subsequent usage has shown that ‘i’ gets changed to ‘I’ and other Auto Correct features also appear to work.

I cannot remember where it was that I saw that Auto Correct had ‘regressed’

To make this message an actual answer (something helping to handle the issue), please:
-1- Name explicitly the version showing the regression.
-2- Link to the related bug report you found (as mentioned in one of your comments above).
-3- Name explicitly the bug-fixed version you now are using.

In addition: Also report whether or not the originally mentioned issue (missing capitalisation of the first word of a sentence while typing) is resolved with the new version. The presentation of ordinals isn’t controlled by Options, but by Loacised Options of AutoCorrect.

(Another unsolicited suggestion: Support modernisation of English by a better way of presenting ordinal numbers. 1000001st;1000002nd; 1000003rd ; 1000004th is simply a “counter-logical” mess, and to do it by direct formatting due to missing unicode representation is an extra.)

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