Autofill cells in Calc 7.0 has stopped working

When I put text in a cell I am used to that when I have given one or two letters, Calc will find the word I want from earlier input and prepare for that word. This function are now gone, is it possible to reestablish this function?

Last update: Sorry to bother you, this problem was all mine. I had unintentionally deleted the corresponding menu item for this function.

What is the exact version that you use?

@peringulf, Have you checked menu Tools - AutoImput?

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My version is, and I think now it is a local problem of mine, since when I installed ubuntu 20.10 on a bootable USB-stick, and ran the test version of Ubuntu from that stick, I had completely controll over the auto fill function testing text in Calc. But somehow I have lost controll over autoInput in my desktop installation, I cannot find the menu item for this function. Maybe my testing of menu editing has deleted this menu item :slight_smile:

Thank you folks, it was my own problem, I did check the menus, and now everything is OK!!!

The answer is: Tools->AutoInput.