Autofill characters in cell when condition is met in another cell

I’ve got a Calc document that I want to set up so that when someone’s name is filled in one cell, other adjacent cells automatically fill up with their details (e.g. their age, ethnicity etc.).
Am not sure if conditional formatting is suitable for this- if so I can’t seem to work out how to get it to perform this function.

I know how to get Libreoffice to do things like change the background colour of the cells when the individual’s name is entered into the other cell, but can’t get it to autofill text using Conditional Formatting.


This is definitely not a problem to be solved with conditional formatting. Nomen est omen and thus conditional formatting should be reserved for formatting cells. A correct and helpful answer could be given only if you specify where and how the detailed data are stored.

You want to create a table where each row has the name in the first column and further details in subsequent column(s). Then use a VLOOKUP() formula to lookup a name in that table and return one of the other columns’ content. Set the 4th argument Sorted to 0 for exact match. See the VLOOKUP help.