Autofill function for furigana, when typing in Japanese.

I’ve been having trouble with LibreOffice because I can’t figure out how to have it autofill the kana when I insert Furigana over kanji (i.e. the phonetic supertext, when typing in Japanese). This autofill for furigana is a standard feature in MS Word, so it is expected by instructors, etc., that I would have that ability at home. Manually filling in the furigana is extremely time-consuming. Please let me know how can I enable the autofill.

Thank you!

You might want to watch this YouTube video and read this guide. And I have found them as two first hits by simple Internet search. Thus, yours is an STFW question.

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, both the video and the guide that you cite confirm the problem that I was describing rather than being able to offer a solution. And I did search for an answer before I posted. Thus, your response was a bit hasty and your comment regarding “STFW” is completely off-base.

I have the same problem here, I want to write in kanji and auto fill kanjis top with furigana, and not manually or with a hot key REWRITE EVERYDAMWTHING.
The posts I saw was from 2011, there is some update 2021?

This is not a new solution to the problem. Please use the more link below your alias to “repost as a comment”.