Autofill List

AFAIK Autofill is supposed to take a value already in the column and use it to replace what was typed. Somewhere there must be a list other than what is in the column because

  1. I have multiple cells with “BP” (upper case)

  2. No cells have “bp” (lower case)

  3. If I enter “bp” the text does not changed to “BP”.

This is not the only value that won’t take the capitalized entry even though there is no lower case entry.

Also, is there a way to limit or order the values that can be autofilled? For example, I have various values that start with “Walt–” that I would obviously like as first choice rather than “Walmart” or “Walgreens”. Or do I have to change my name? ;o)

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if I played the capcha once I’m obviously not a spammer-bot the second time through

Unfortunately, doing it that way would allow spammers to only manually pass the verification once, and start the bot on the same session to do its following job :frowning:

To the actual question: please see if the autocomplete limit mentioned here could be the reason for the suggestions of “BP” not offered to you.

To be honest the phrases used completely confuse me. OP is talking about Autofill, comment of @mikekaganski (and the post linked) uses the term Autocomplete while I only find AutoInput and AutoCorrect in Calc. Which calc function are we talking about? (My assumption is, that the question is about AutoInput).

@anon73440385: you are right, that’s about AutoInput.

@mikekaganski Thanks for the confirmation

  1. If I enter “bp” the text does not changed to “BP”.

Why do you expect AutoInput to change an entered value. If you enter “bp” you should get “bp” and nothing should change the value (again: Not talking about any AutoCorrect functionality) . The story would be a different one, if you start to type “B” and you wouldn’t get presented the option to select (AutoInput) “BP”. But if you start to type “b” there is no cell starting with lowercase “b” (acc. to item 2] in your question) and thus AutoInput list has no entry. So I don’t understand your expectations (might be you expect an enhancement that AutoInput list should be filled case-insensitve, so typing “b” fills list with “BP” and other values starting with an uppercase “B”).

In fact, in my testing, i put BP to A1, and type b in A2, and get P automatically suggested; if I accept by pressing Enter, my b turns into B.

jepp - that’s true but OPs question starts with “AFAIK Autofill is supposed to take a value already in the column and use it to replace” - and from my perspective here start the “false expectations”. Sorry for being that picky on wordings, but the problem here seems to me the difference of changing an entered value and accepting a suggestion for input (I agree that the enhancement is not required, since there is obviously a case-insensitve approach implemented)

Sorry, never ran across the term “autoinput”, didn’t know it was a thing.

Mike and Opaque, I got the jist. Since I entered the entire value (bp) there was nothing to change. Only if you enter a partial value does it autofill the rest, and change capitalization.

As for my second question, I assume that if the value is in the column, autoinput cannot be set up to ignore certain entries.

As for my second question

Yes, you cannot restrict AutoInput values. The functionality to restrict input is called “Validity” (see Data -> Validity) though it is not exactly what you want to achieve (may be you can create a formula using Allow: Custom