Autofill several cells?

Dear all
I vaguely remember being able to do this previously (with Excel?? OpenOffice?? - can’t remember) but I want to autofill a group of values. SO I have some cells:
and want these to be autofilled down the column with:
and so on (there are a few of them required!) but am unable to complete the autofill that I want to do, despite me trying various combinations of CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, left click, right click, double click of the 3-group selection. Q: Is this possible? If so, what am I missing in my actions? Am getting frustrated here as such a simple thing is holding me up and I would rather not sit and type all the combinations required by hand. I have tried to do a quick search here and on the internet but have been unable to find what I have been looking for, so my apologies if this has been asked previously. Many thanks ADB

MY apologies - esp. to “Earnest Al” - my explanation wasn’t completely transparent. (I’ll blame the formatting of the posting) The 3 words are contiguous and lie below one another in a column, not across a row so I want to autoincrement the ending numerical value of each word as a group of 3 to produce (in a single column) word1, nextword1, finalword1, word2, nextword2,finalword2, word3 … It is this part that stumps me. ADB

Do you mean drag fill? Select the cells, at the bottom right of the selection the corner is a bit bolder, click and drag down with that and it will fill the cells below with the word incremented each row.image description.

If you don’t want them to increment when drag down like this then hold down Ctrl. Cheers, Al


You can drag-fill to the right also, just select the cells, grab the Fill Handle at the bottom right of the selection and drag to the right. NOTE if there is a space after the number then the number will not be incremented regardless of direction of drag, see cell A4 has space after the number in pic below.image description

You can also select your cells with your start words and the cells you want filled, then in the menu click Sheet > Fill Cells > Fill Series, in the window that opens select Direction Right Series Type Autofill and OK

Maybe you are thinking of the shortcut to copy down? It doesn’t increment (except the row number in a formula). Select cells to copy down, hold down Shift and press the down arrow to select the cell(s) below, release, then press CTRL+D.

Further keyboard shortcuts are listed in Appendix 1 (page 442) of Calc Guide 6.2 on LibreOffice Documentation