'AutoFilter' error when removing the filter

Hi all,

when I try to remove ‘AutoFilter’ from a worksheet (ODS Workbook) I get a warning message: “AutoFilter not possible”. The workbook has been copied from a version created by an older LO version (current = x64). The new workbook has been emptied of data for the new fiscal year and I need to modify some columns to add functionality. When removing the ‘AutoFilter’ from the previous year’s sheet I have no problems, only on this year’s workbook / worksheet.

‘Googled’ without any success …. any ideas?

I would prefer not to have to re-create this whole WB - if possible!

Best regards and thanks for your suggestions,


It would seem that I have found the / an answer. As a tried and true ‘Excel’ user I am used to just marking the ‘headline’ columns to set filtering.
In this application, I just discovered that marking the ‘headline’ AND the first line of the data area to be filtered, then the filter can be removed as required - funnily enough, when removing the filter in the previous version, this was not necessary! Maybe I only have a ‘Workaround’ here and not the definitive resolution.

I would still welcome your comments / suggestions, thanx

David D.