Autofilter (preferably, or filter via another method) to alphabetise entries in column 1, whilst still preserving empty rows between cells containing entries in column 1, and alphabetising entries in column 2 (adjacent column) in groups from one cell adjacent to an entry in column 1 to the next?

OS Mojave 10.14.6, LO

Please pardon the rather convoluted question; it’s a rather difficult one to convey succinctly!

I want to filter (using autofilter preferably) entries in a spreadsheet whilst preserving the preexisting empty cell spaces between each entry in one column (we’ll call it “column 1” for reference), and alphabeticising the entries in groups in the next column (column 2) from one entry adjacent to an entry in column 1 to the next.

As it is a little hard to explain in words, I have attached an example of the result I’m currently getting using autofilter, and how it differs from what I’m trying to achieve:

Autofilter Example.ods

As always, my gratitude.

As far as I remember, you already got an answer which pointed out that
-1- Filtering is completely different from sorting.
-2- The shortcut commands concerning sorting offered by the popup of AutoFilters should be deprecated
-2a- because they mainly are efficient with causing misunderstandings like the current one,
-2b- because they also are of little use due to not being extensible to additional columns.

Where did that answer go?

Since then the question’s summary remained much too long, and the editing didn’t actually make things clearer.

Please edit the question another time trying to actually center on what you need/want.
I will meamwhile try an answer emphasizing the impact of “…whilst preserving the preexisting empty cell spaces between each entry in one column…”.

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The problem as seen by the questioner will not have a solution of the expected kind (by a built-in tool of Calc).


Assuming the sheet intended to keep data, and to allow for their editing, mainenance, completion…
-1- Spreadsheets aren’t databases.
-2- If used for similar purposes nontheless, they should, however, obey the most basic DB rules.
-3- There are the so-called Normalizations e.g, in specific up to N3.
-4- Normalization may not be the main concern in this case.


-5- Don’t tamper with the original data, except for urgent maintenance (corrections) and completion.
-6- Any direct manipulation (except mandatory correction or deletion) must be reversible.
-7- Sorting shouldn’t be done for the data themselves, but only for reports created from them.
-7a- If original data are sorted nonetheless, all fields (columns) must be included.
-7b- The autofilter context isn’t usable insofar.
-8- The concern of the question should be to find a design of the sheet supporting the intended proceeding.
-9- Empty cells in a field (column) are only acceptable where the being empty is an information in itself.
-10- “Group continues” is not such an information (probably except if the relative position is unchangeable).
-11- The mentioned information should (must) be given by repeating the group ID.

See attachment.