Autofit Text in Impress seems not to work correct

Impress - LibO 3.4.6 on XP/SP3

I write a text with bullets in a content field of Impress until the content field is filled up.

Autofit Text in the context menu is checked

Next I reduce the width of the content field.

Result: Font reduces to maintain the number of lines for each bulleted text written.

Expected result: Font is reduced as much as needed, number of lines per bulleted text is not kept constant but the content field is filled to it is maximum. With other words, the font is always kept at its maximum to completely fill the content field.

Question: Is this a bug or do I miss a setting?

Note: If I keep writing in the original size content window, font size reduces, number of lines are reducing and the content fields size is fully utilized.

Your help is appreciated!

As I could not receive any comment, I filed a bug report.

fdo#58648 has been marked as a duplicate of

Bug 42134 - FORMATTING: Autofit doesn’t work properly on long texts


Available in LibreOffice 4.1.0.