Autoinput key combinations on macOS

When the cursor is in a Calc cell, according to AutoInput, “To view more completions, press Ctrl+Tab to scroll forward, or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to scroll backward.”

What are the equivalent keystrokes on macOS?

On macOS, Ctrl+Tab doesn’t do anything (and Cmd+Tab switches between applications).


When you start help from your program, it shows you the help page for your OS. E.g., this one. And yes, it talks about Command+Tab (and Command+Shift+Tab).

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I wasn’t aware that the browser automatically shows the Help pages relevant to my OS. Good to know, thanks!

However, on my machine the AutoInput key combinations to view more completions don’t work as the Help page say they should.

(But the key combinations to “see a list of all available AutoInput text items for the current column” work as they should.)

It may be that there are settings for shortcut keys in the OS that will over-ride the LO settings.

Yes, I’m wondering whether this is the case, but I fail to find out what causes the overriding of LO’s shortcuts.

I have now tested Command + Tab on another Mac that’s running a slightly older version of LO (7.5). This key combination does the same as on my Mac, so I really don’t know how to resolve this.

You likely need to file a bug report, stating that the non-configurable shortcuts related to autoinput conflict with macOS-specific standard system shortcuts.