Automatic accessibility check / icon in status bar cannot be disabled

I am on LO 24.2. I accidentally clicked on an empty spot (between word cound and page layout) in the status bar that was linked to the automatic accessibility check. There is now an icon showing issues with accessibility in the document. I can disable this function (Tools → Automatic accessibility checking) and the icon disappears. However, when I close the document and open it again, the function is enabled again and the icon is shown. I want to permanently disable this function. How can I do it?

Browsing the bug tracker provided the solution:

“The sidebar requires automatic a11y check to be enabled. Otherwise the Sidebar would display a static list of issues and not get updated when things change in the document.
But - the automatic check will only be enabled if the A11y Check Sidebar deck is visible. In that case we must assume that the user wants to work on a11y issues and enable automatic checking accordingly.
When switching to another deck, automatic a11y check is disabled if it was disabled before.”

As I never use the sidebar it didn’t occur to me to switch to another deck…