Automatic cursor advance in Writer

I have created a fillable pdf form through Writer.

I am using three text boxes with maximum character lengths set in the text box properties.

Is it possible to have the cursor move automatically to the next control (text box) once the max characters
is reached? If have seen this done before in forms, but can’t figure out how to duplicate it!

The TAB order is not enough for you? (You can set the TAB order property, and when you hit the TAB key, the cursor will jump into the next numbered Form Control element.)

Hello. Thank you for replying!

“Doesn’t the tab order work for me?” Yes, definitely.
But I was looking for a next order of finesse is all.

I see some work with macro scripts to create solutions to unsupported functions. Although I’m an experienced programmer, I’m new to Libreoffice. So I’m not ready for that level of work around. I was just hoping that there was some built in property that I’m overlooking that would advance the cursor automatically in a text box control.

Thanks again!

The macros will not work in the exported PDF file format.

As LibreOffice is not part of the pdf-file, you can not use a LibreOffice-macro.
Adobe allows the integration of JavaScript-macros, and it is possible to integrate them for example with Scribus (not with LibreOffice).
One warning: Check, where the forms are to be filled and installed/available software there. PDF-viewers differ a lot and several don’t allow Scripts to run. (This policy is also enforced by my company…)