Automatic hyphenation

How do I add automatic hyphenation?

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Where do you want to apply hyphenation? This is a property of paragraphs. Consequently, if you customise the root paragraph style, it will apply everywhere, including headings. What is your knowledge of paragraph styles?

At least, you should use Text Body for your text and Heading n family for your chapter and sub-chapter headings. If your text is Default Paragraph Style everywhere with direct formatting added over it, you’re doomed to fail.

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An add-on to ajlittoz’s comment: if your document is just a few pages, using styles may not be necessary, though it will still make life easier for you if you use them. The most important advantage of using styles is that it’s much easier to get a consistent formatting of your documents. You don’t have to remember how you formatted your headings; the styles will take care of that.
You enable or disable hyphenation in Text flow tab of the paragraph style dialog window or the Format - Paragraph dialog window.