Automatic OpenType features (small caps, subscript, etc.)

Is there any way to tell LO to read my request for, say, switching to small caps to be a request for changing the font to ‘[font]:smcp’? Or for it to automatically represent footnote numbers as ‘[font]:sups’? Because obviously the scaled capitals or numerals look spindly and awful, and are less legible too. But manually changing everything at the final stages is a chore (and it means the document looks poor all the while I’m editing it.)

Failing this, is there a neat way of changing things by batch, e.g. through the ctrl-H dialogue?

You need to define the corresponding character styles with the correct attribute. For example, the footnote anchor uses the character style called “Footnote anchor:” modify it to add the :sups tag. For small caps you can create your own character style. You can use keyboard shortcuts or custom toolbars to apply those styles. Check my DAE-16 template to see all that in action.

Ah great, that’ll do it. Thanks!

If you add the :sups tag, don’t forget to disable the superscript option in the Position tab! :slight_smile: