Automatic update of external links has been disabled

I get this message when I open a Calc document containing links to other document. I have to update the content by pressing a specific button. It’s OK to me but …

Is there a way to switch disable to activate?

Håkan Wallenthin

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I have the same problem. My file is created in LO 5, all worked correctly as up until the latest LO6 update. I have not been able to find the solution for the problem so far. Is there a feature in LO 6 introduced that prevents updating external links?

I’m also having the same problem. My calc document was created in LO 5. After updating to LO (x64) I’m getting that message when opening linked documents. I can’t find a way to turn this on so that it auto updates.

I have the same problem with an update from 6.0 to 6.1

I too am having the same issue. The suggested solution did not work for me either.

Combine both solutions and it works

I recently updated to LibreOffice 6.1 and had the same issue of automatic update of external links being disabled. Here is what worked for me:

  1. from Calc drop-down menu select: Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > General
  2. under “Updating … Update links when opening”, set the radio button to: Always (from trusted locations)
  3. click OK
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simple and clear! I was messed searching in the “advanced” options… ':slight_smile: my +1 goes for you!!

Thanks for your answer but this solution doesn’t work for me. I still have to do a manual update despite the radio button is set to Always. I have restarted the program and even my desktop but no change.

Swedish Win 8.1 and LO

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same problem in writer 6.1 . i’ve set the appropriate option in writer>general to always, but when opening a doc with links (like sections from another doc), it still shows that annoying popup. when fixing this, i would also add a checkbox on that initial popup to set that ‘always’ for all links. (this refers to bug 120736 , which should be extended maybe to all products, not only calc)
btw: under edit>“links to external files”, the checkbox for automatic update is always grayed out …

I have the same problem (Suse Leap 15, LO I have re-installed and set the option for “Update links when opening” to “Always” but it still doesn’t work. A possibly related issue is the “Tools>Options>LibreOffice>Security>Macro Security” button doesn’t do anything when running in as an ordinary user however it pops up a dialogue box if running as root (still doesn’t allow automatic updating of links though).

Your help was great. As someone before, simple & clear.

This did not solve the problem for me, since I already had Always selected. “Macro Security… - Trusted Sources - Trusted File Locations” as described by @TheHag solved the problem.


It works for me, when combined with setting a local folder as a trusted location.

Thanks you Steve Pike. and thanks to this site. I tried the user manual and got completely frustrated.

I was having the same problem until I set my local filespace as a trusted location.

Tools - Options… - LibreOffice - Security - Macro Security… - Trusted Sources - Trusted File Locations.

You can get more details via LibreOffice 6.1 help. (The help refers to Writer but the security settings are global throughout LibreOffice.)

Index => update links

Global => updating – links in text documents

Correct link is General.

Thanks Mike, I spotted the URL was local but couldn’t remember how I’d got there. I’ve updated it now.