Automatic Update of External Links

Cannot figure out how to get annoying “automatic update of external links has been disabled” to go away. I want my links to automatically update. On the verge of switching back to Excel for this spreadsheet.


Here is an example:

=VLOOKUP(B1,‘file:///Users/me/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Shared Office/customer list.ods’#$active.B2:G11484,6)

The help link given to me does not make it clear.

On the verge of switching back to Excel for this spreadsheet.

And who do you want to inspire with that?

One solution is to create the files in Excel and then open them in LibreOffice on the iPad but keep the xlsx format so that external linking works.

Tell Calc that you trust files in a directory where you place the calling document (that contains the VLOOKUP) to open other files and read their data. For that,

  1. go to Tools → Option → LibreOffice → Security, Macro Security, tab Trusted Sources
  2. add a directory to trust files in; OK
  3. then, still in the Options dialog, go to LibreOffice Calc → General, Update links when opening
  4. select Always (from trusted locations); OK

I appreciate your response, but in Calc version for Mac I do not find Option under Tools. I can go to Preferences / LibreOffice Calc / General and under “Update links when opening” I have it selected as "Always (from trusted sources).

I still get the message “Automatic update of external links has been disabled”. I think it is a bug.

Mac likes to do things different and calls Options Preferences and places them somewhere else.

If you already selected as "Always (from trusted sources)", did you also do the other step I lined out to actually add a trusted directory?