Automatic update of references between Calc documents

Suppose you have workbook A and workbook B - two LO Calc spreadsheet documents.
Suppose book A contains a formula along the lines of =‘file:///home/mike/Documents/workbook B.ods’#$Sheet1.C9

Now suppose you insert a row above row 9 in Sheet 1 of workbook B

I would have expected the formula in book A to adapt itself to this change. I’m pretty sure that’s what I remember happening in Excel, too. Nope! It doesn’t change, even if I manually make workbook A update its links to workbook B.
It still says:

=‘file:///home/mike/Documents/workbook B.ods’#$Sheet1.C9
instead of
=‘file:///home/mike/Documents/workbook B.ods’#$Sheet1.C10

This has bitten me two or three times now. I thought the intersheet references might be disturbed by worksheet protection, but I have eliminated that as a cause. What option do I need to turn on so Calc behaves as I would expect? Or is this a bug I should be reporting?

BTW, this is on LO, on Linux Mint 17

A live update of external references isn’t implemented. Also in Excel that works only as long as you have both the linking and the linked document open at the same time.