Automatic updates for non-admin users


In our industry we have some computers where LibreOffice is installed. I would like to maintain the application to the latest version for stability and security.

Like many other applications (MS-Windows, MS-Office C2R, Adobe Reader DC, etc.), LibreOffice contain a “automatic update” process from Tools → Opotions → Online updates…

But this methode doesn’t allow “background process” to automatically replace the application with newest version on Windows computers. It just schedule a download to a folder. If the user don’t have admins rights, he’s not able to install it. With Linux OS (Debian/Ubuntu) we don’t have this issue because we can obtain package with APT and automate (unattended-upgrades) all applications.

Then, I would like to known if someone found a alternative solution to really automate the update process on Windows environment. Like, use a command line script, create a Windows scheduled task and run it from an admin account that have an Internet access ?