Automatically load last edited file

Do the LibreOffice applications have an option to automatically load the last file I was editing. Instead of creating a new document/sheet/presentation each time? If not, can I suppress the new file and be faced with the Start Center instead?


Which version of LibreOffice and which OS are you using?

If you have a version of windows and recent version of LibreOffice, then the default install creates a LibreOffice shortcut on the desktop, which can also be added to the start menu, starting LibreOffice from the shortcut will show the recent files that were used which can be selected by a single click on the preview image.

It’s probably similar on other OS, key is to start libre office using soffice instead of scalc, swriter etc.

Thanks but I’m an Ubuntu user and don’t (well try not to) use a mouse. I found the soffice launcher and now use that to be presented with previews of recently used files, like you suggest, but this interface is not keyboard friendly.