automatically open documents in book view?

Every time I open my document, I have to manually change to book view and 60% zoom. Is there a way to make Libre Office remember this arrangement and use it automatically?

Which LibreOffice version on which operating system do you use (my / versions on Linux do that automatically). Did you try, whether the problem is gone, if you open a “book view” document, while running LibreOffice in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode)?

Make a small change in the document, the save it. View and zoom factor are remembered.

Oh yes, it seems to work now. I moved all my documents from Windows to Linux only yesterday and while working with several documents for the first time had to repeatedly set the view and zoom manually. Today after restart everything is fine. (I will delete this later today.)

Don’t delete, this may have a value for users. Just close with an adequate reason, like “no longer relevant”.