Autonumbering in writer for quizzes, et cetera

I’ve constructed a bank of problems for my classes in which I copy and paste problem sets into a write document in order to construct review sets. The problem is, I spend way to much time renumbering these problems sets.

Is there a particular field that can autonumber? One whose sole purpose is to look for the same field before it, if there isn’t one, then it shows a 1, but if there is one then it is 1 more than the field that precedes it?

Maybe this thread could be helpful, too: How can I have a custom numbered field?

Hi @MegaTallDave, Have you found an answer to your question?

I tried that thread with the custom numbered field. A bit of working through mystery tables, but yes, it really seems to work. Thank you!

Once I’ve created the field, the easy thing to do is to just copy/paste it and the new number will be one more than the old. Very nice! Thanks again!

There is - and the Autotext to insert a formula makes use of it for example (fn<F3>).
Autotexts might also be a way to organize your snippets, depending on how many you have and how bothersome copy’n’paste is for you.

I.e. add a number range field to your blocks.

This is the type of filed used to number inserted illustrations, etc.

Insert|Fields|Other → Variables → Number range

I’m not sure how that would work. I’ll double check and get back.