Autorecovery is not working, Autosave either

This is the second time I have lost at least 4 hours of work. I am very angry on that, because I have setup:

  1. Backup
  2. Autosave every 5 minutes
  3. Used recovery.
  4. Checked ALL that day accessed/modified files in ~/ in search on any cashed version of the file.
    Everything is gone.
    Keeping in mind LO stability, Autosave, Backup and Autorecovery should be the top priorities, but it seems that they are not, because when they where needed to work, they didn’t.
    Does anyone have solved that problem?
    LO v.

OK, short investigation after I have found that I have suffered from this error:
But was unable to find the solution for that. Any ideas?

Here(click) you will find a macro which saves a document with a timestamped copy in a directory of your choice. Since it is not automatic (attached to a button), you could extend the macro with a timing loop to automatically save documents every xxx amount of time. This would provide you with the automated backups.

If automating be aware of the number of backup copies which may be created. I have successfully used this in LO saving automatically every 5-10 minutes(your discretion).