Autosave an Untitled Documemt

I have lost a lot of work a few times by forgetting to save my document. To remedy that situation, I have LibreOffice set to autosave every two (2) minutes. This works great and, since implementation, I have not lost my work.

My issue comes when I begin a brand new document. If I do not save the document with a working title within the first two minutes, LibreOffice Writer freezes up as it tries to autosave the document. The autosave progress bar on the bottom of the screen keeps flashing from left to right, but nothing is saved and it is impossible to add text to the document. I cannot even click File >> Save As. The only remedy is to close Writer, and then I am prompted to save the document.

I don’t use Calc, Impress, etc. enough to know if this is a Writer-specific issue. Any advice would be great!

I am using LibreOffice on a Windows 7, 32bit system.

Looks like a W7 related bug to me. May I ask you to place a bug report here:

I am using LibO as well but on an XP/SP3 machine but don’t observe this problem. Autosave seems to work fine even with the default filename “Untiteld” because the recovery function work as expected.

May I ask you to place a bug report here:

Using LO with Windows 8 and autosave also set to 2 minutes.

Create new Writer document - after 2 mins autosave creates untitled_0.odt in the user profile backup directory - LO does not freeze up. In fact can create multiple new documents without any problems. You could try renaming your user profile to see if it is anything in there that is causing the problem.

There was a bug about it: Endless autosave loop if the document is not linked to a file, solved in May, since version.

Strange. I am using earlier version before the bug fix and even if I have a menu open, as mentioned in the bug report @mariosv stated, I have no problem.