Autosave not functioning

I followed instructions in Tools, Options, Load/Save and requested a one minute interval in the Save Autorecovery Information. I then ticked the box, and all the four other boxes below it and clicked OK. The green progress bar appears but the document is never saved as the asterisk in the save button does not disappear. I close the document and I am asked to save it. If I choose not to save it, the modifications are not added to the document. What am I missing in this seemingly straightforward process? Thank you!

First, go to Tools. Open first choice, ( LibreOffice). Choose Advanced. Click Open Expert Configuration, type Autosave, click Search. In org.openoffice.Office.Common, under Save title, highlight first line called Document, Autosave, boolean. Click Edit button and value will change from false to true. Do the same with the second line. In third line, choose the Autosave interval in minutes. Do same for org.openoffice,Office.Recovery. Change value from false to true in line 1 and 5, Click OK

It isn’t Autosave, it is Save Autorecovery Information. From the online Help

“This command saves the information necessary to restore the current document in case of a crash. Additionally, in case of a crash LibreOffice tries automatically to save AutoRecovery information for all open documents, if possible.”

This post might be of interest if you want automatic file saving.

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Thank you for your reply. Still, one has to wonder why the feature isn’t part of LibreOffice. Macros are not for all computer users, and I include myself in the lot.