Autosum not working?

New to LibreOffice. I found SUM (Sigma) icon. I select cell below range of numbers (formatted as currency). I click SUM icon and Calc borders the range of cells I want. I then click ‘accept’ icon (looks like return icon and not green tick that I’ve seen in tutorials, but Calc just shows formula in the ‘total’ cell and does not display the result in numbers. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks.

Supposedly, you have somehow activated the Show Formula mode; try disabling it under the View menu.

Or you could have applied “Text” cell formatting; try Clear Direct Formatting (Ctrl+M) (right-clicking on the ‘total’ cell) and re-do the auto-sum.

Hey Mike,
Thanks so much for your reply. Not sure which one worked but it is working now. Cheers.