Autotext is inserting additional unwanted character -Solved Itself

I don’t know if I did this somehow, but I’m using the newly installed version, and already an anomaly has cropped up. When autotext makes a suggestion, it comes up with a ß at the end of it. Every one. I don’t know HOW I got that in there, but I sure don’t want it. For example, type “him” and i get " himself.ß " as a suggestion and it adds the whole thing on pressing . How do i get rid of this additional, unwanted character in my autotext suggestions?

I also noticed I cannot eliminate double spaces now using find and replace; what happened there?! Why would the developers do away with that handy tool?

Are you sure you’re talking about AutoText? Is this rather some AutoCorrect or spellchecking feature?

Yes I’m talking autotext; i DO know the difference between them and it’s not auto-correct. However, it seems to have corrected itself; a couple of reboots due to other issues and it now seems to be working properly again. Don’t ask me why; I’ll put it down to the gremlins. Thank-you.

Just for the record.Which is the OS?

The OS is Big Sur 11.4.