Avery 5160 Label Template Dimensions?

I printed with whatever version libre office was with ubuntu 12.04 precise(version 3.something) and text was overflowing out the second and third columns. Upgraded to and the overflow got a little bit better but still overflows but now the top of the text overflows as well.

Just seeing if anyone has a solution, I’ll probably end up downgrading since a few people seem to have figured out dimensions for the older bug: Why does LibreOffice print Avery labels in the wrong place?

I might also upgrade to ubuntu 13.10 just to be sure. My upgrade caused xfwm4 to behave a bit odd so I might have dependency issues or something. I got asked for my database password twice when doing New -> Labels. I also got several crashes after doing New -> Labels and clicking Tools.

I found that the default margin settings for Avery 5160 did not work with my printer. I adjusted the left and top margins (Format/Page/Page/Margins) to suit my printer and saved the resulting document. I included the name of my printer in the document name so I could identify the file with the modified margins.

Can I get the measurements you used and version of libre?

I’m using Libreoffice 4.1.3 but label printing hasn’t changed for several LO versions. For my Brother DCP 7065DN printer under linux cups I use a left margin of 0.00 inches and a top margin of 0.68 inches. Your printer may differ. I set it up by doing trial prints on plain paper and checking the results by viewing through the translucent backing of an overlaid label sheet with the label removed. Trial and error until it worked.

I’m using LibreOffice on Win10. For my HP Photosmart 8150 I had to change the Avery Letter Size 5160 (same as 8160) label format to have a top margin of 0.6" and a left margin of 0.5".